Life After Studying Abroad For 1 Month (Ice Cream City)

School and Rent

I’ve decided to take 8 courses which is a total of 16 credits. I am taking 4 Japanese courses and 4 KIP course. Each course meets once a week for 1 and a half hour. I had to pay rent which was quite expensive since I had to pay for part of the first month and the second month all at once (roughly $2,000). Part of it however includes breakfast and dinner. I pay about 10,000 more yen compared to the other dorms. Unfortunately though my dorm does have a curfew but I end up saving a lot of money and I also get to try different types of Japanese food everyday.

Circles (Clubs)

I’ve been going to my revolve meetings every week to practice for Mita Festival which is coming up in a month. I feel like I will be able to make a really good impression there and hopefully be able to establish a lot of connections. Many people come to Mita Festival to watch the dances so that’s good that I’ll make an impression but if I mess up then I might end up making a lasting bad impression >.< Last week I contacted another club call KBM which is a music game club and I finally joined. Everybody seems very friendly but they are mostly freshman and sophomore. Apparently both KBM and Revolve competes with Waseda University (Keio and Waseda are rival schools). I find this rivalry very interesting and so I will go to the Keio vs Waseda baseball game to see peoples reactions and how enthusiastic people are. Ice Cream Ice Cream at my super market is very cheap. They always have deals for ice cream like 198 yen for about 9 pieces of mochi ice cream. They also have ice cream sticks and other types for only 198 yen. If you didn’t know already, I love ice cream. So much that I searched online to see if there is anything famous related to ice cream in Japan. This search lead me to find out about Ice Cream City.

Ice Cream City was located in Namja Town and in there they also have Gyoza Stadium. (Ice Cream City has been closed for 3 years now) Unfortunately it costs 300 yen to get in and after you get in…you still have to pay for food which is expensive >.< I bought the ice cream in the photo on the left for about 500 yen. It is shark fin ramen flavored ice cream. I believe they used real shark fin but the rest was just sugar but colored so that way it looks like real ramen. The one on the right is sweet potato and the far right was salt flavored ice cream. They even had a museum of ice cream that you could eat. I took pictures of all of the ice cream freezers that they had there and they split the freezers by region in Japan. It was a very great experience for me…but not soo much my wallet >.<



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